7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Thank You Notes

Great marketing goes beyond designing a great logo. Promoting a business can be a challenging task, particularly if you’re after a fresh, creative approach. Of course, marketing a small business can be even more difficult, as budgets are a lot smaller and networks are much more limited. Here are some creative yet cost-effective ways to market your small business:

1) Repurpose existing content.

Have you written lots of content on a particular subject? There’s no need to let your expertise go to waste. Turn your old blog posts into an e-book, a magazine article, a booklet, or even a marketing video.

2) Host workshops and seminars.

Share your talent and expertise with others by teaching at workshops and speaking at seminars. You’ll get publicity both from marketing the event and the event itself.

3) Get personal.

Send handwritten thank you, birthday, or holiday cards to past and present clients and partners. Although this may seem like a taxing task, many entrepreneurs and small businesses can attest to its effectiveness.

4) Sponsor a local team.

Sponsor a local basketball team or youth camp and you’ll not only get publicity by way of feature articles and press releases, but you’ll also get your company logo on team uniforms and signs. You’ll be able to build brand awareness and become a valuable community member at the same time.

5) Raise funds for a cause.

One of the best ways to market your small business is by getting the entire local community involved. Join up with other non-competing businesses in the area and organize a fundraiser for a particular cause or charitable organization. You’ll not only do your share of good, but you’ll automatically be included in all the marketing efforts of your partners.

6) Host an event.

While networking may be a great way to market your business, hosting an event is an even better way to do so. If possible, offer freebies or free food in order to get more people to attend. An event will allow you to reach a much wider audience at once, and if you’re able to hold the event at your actual location, then people will know where you are and where they can find you in the future.

7) Go where your competition is not.

Take a closer look at your competitors, and see what marketing methods they are and aren’t doing. If they’re not on YouTube, Pinterest, or even in the community newsletter, then maybe it’s time you explore these avenues.

Photo Credit: iClipart