Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Blogging Platform

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Blogging Platform

A blog is an essential business tool that will not just attract potential clients to your website, but that will also help you connect with your current clients. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for your small online business, you will first need to decide on which blogging platform to use. After all, the blogging platform that works for one particular company may not necessarily work for your company.

Here are some of the things you need to consider:

1) Your Budget

If you’re just starting your business, it may be difficult to estimate how much incoming cash flow to expect. Many blogging platforms are available at absolutely no cost, although you are often only given access to very limited features, and may not be able to customize it as much as you would want to. Other platforms charge a monthly fee, but come with many more features. Also, if you’d rather host your own blog on your own domain, then you’ll need to purchase the domain and pay for the hosting.

2) Your Skills

Do you have experience with coding in PHP or CSS? If the answer is yes, then you may have an easier time finding a blogging platform that you can work with. If you’re new to blogging, then it may be best to find something user-friendly and easy to understand. If you seem to find a particular platform confusing to use and workaround, then perhaps that platform is beyond your specific technical skills.

3) Theme Options

While blogging platforms generally offer several theme options for you to choose from, not all platforms offer themes that are appropriate for your needs or line of business. Some allow you to customize your own theme, although you might have to pay extra for such feature. If you aren’t familiar with coding or can’t afford to hire a website designer, it may be best to find a platform that comes with an available selection of themes.

4) Available Features

One thing you seriously have to consider are the features you’d like to add to your blog, both now and later on. This includes the ability to use Google Ads, compatibility with Google AdWords, and extra functionality like forums. Some blogging platforms do not allow users to host advertisements, and so it is essential that you identify your blogging goals and how exactly you plan to achieve them. It would be a shame to spend so much time fixing up your blog, only to find out that you’ll need to export it to another blogging platform later on.

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