Founder’s Message

You work too hard and don’t get paid enough! Seriously, studies have shown that most women believe hard work and long hours will help them advance but guess what, that’s not the way to get ahead. Men have always understood that it’s often not what you know, but who you know that helps you to get the jobs or promotions you want. Plus men generally have no problem tooting their own horns and asking for assistance when they need it (I’m not talking about directions!), while we women tend to try and do the whole job on our own and think that our hard work and super woman skills should speak for themselves.

You work too hard and don’t get paid enough . . . that’s not the way to get ahead.

No matter what we do in life or who we are, the quality of our relationships can predict our happiness, and those connections can also predict our success!  Like many women, I’m very guilty of hiding my light under a barrel – instead of “Hi, I’m Denise, work at home mom” I should be leading with “Hi, I’m Denise, MBA, CEO and supermom of six year old quadruplets and a seven year old”.

I tend to keep my successes to myself and usually find it hard to ask others for help or to delegate tasks.  I’ve learned over the years though, that my best successes and favorite opportunities have come from the relationships I’ve built through helping others.  I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and assisting other women business owners wherever possible and the friendships that I’ve built have been very important to my career.

While the Internet has opened up the world to those with a connection and leveled the playing field for small and women owned businesses, it also makes the world a little smaller and it’s now more important than ever that we don’t burn any bridges and we nurture positive relationships online as well as offline.  Did you know that an estimated 70% of jobs are never advertised?  Many businesses prefer to hire on recommendation so our relationships with others and our social network can bring us ‘word of mouth’ success that our hidden skills never will.

WOMinfo was created to give women a voice and a forum for asking for the advice, guidance or assistance that they need to succeed in their businesses and careers.  We’re all about providing you with the resources and connections you need to advance and to be successful and independent.  Come join us, toot your own horn, and lend your wisdom to someone else who could use it, your generosity will no doubt be much appreciated and not forgotten.


S. Denise Hoyle, MBA