Outlook ~ Authors, Bloggers, Writers

Median Pay Per Hour $26.64
Median Pay Per Year $55,420
Predicted Job Growth 6% (slower than average)


Professional bloggers create or contribute to web logs, otherwise known as blogs, on a wide variety of topics.  Bloggers typically get paid on a per post basis where they write posts about the sponsor’s product, topic or keyword in return for an agreed upon amount for compensation.  Contributing bloggers write posts for blogs owned by others on a regular basis and many bloggers both manage their own blogs and write as guest authors on other blogs.  Bloggers also often receive complimentary products in return for review on their blogs, sometimes the products are given in lieu of payment, however the blogger may receive both product and payment.

Opportunities for Bloggers:

Sign up for membership or to be on the mailing list at these sites that provide paid or sponsored writing opportunities for bloggers.


BloggerLinkUp – email newsletter with guest post opportunities

Blogging Success Planner (I highly recommend this planner for professional bloggers!)

Bloggy Guide to Monetizing Your Blog – separates the various avenues in which you can earn money through your blog and through social media. (available for $10)

Giveaway Promote – list of giveaways and events looking for blogger participants

Writing a Book Review for Your Blog ~ SITS Girls

Blog Conference Newbie



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